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Welcome to Virginia Plant Savers!

Mission Statement

The mission of the Virginia Plant Savers to protect native medicinal plants of Virginia and their native habitat while ensuring and promoting the renewable supply of medicinal plants through education, research, and the promotion and construction of medicinal plant sanctuaries.

Wild yam

Virginia is blessed with a highly diverse and abundant flora of medicinal plants, but the combination of habitat destruction and over harvesting is causing an increased shortage of medicinal plant resources. Some species which were once abundant are now threatened or declining in numbers through parts or all of their former ranges.

Third world countries which have had an uninterrupted tradition of herbal healing are now experiencing a shortage of medicinal plants. As a result, some unscrupulous world-wide plant brokers are hiring diggers to harvest medicinal plants from our fields, woodlands and wetlands.

American ginseng with berries (c) by JHM

Our work is to protect the interests of our plants and their habitats and to educate the public in the many ways that we can preserve our rich herbal heritage for future generations.

We hope that you will join us in this worthwhile and important mission.

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