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Threatened Herbs — Watch List

     The following herb species are threatened, but not yet at risk due to over-harvest, loss of habitat, environmental sensitivity, or innate rareness.

     All are are threatened of declining in numbers within their present range. In some cases these plants are abundant in one bioregion but declining in another where they were previously common. The intent of listing these herbs is not to ask for a moratorium on their use, but to increase awareness of their status and to encourage programs to preserve these species.

Arnica    (Arnica spp.)
Butterfly Weed    (Asclepias tuberosa)
Cascara Sagrada    (Rhamus purshimia)
Chaparro    (Casatela emoryi)
Elephant Tree    (Bursera microphylla)
Gentian    (Gentiana spp.)
Goldthread    (Coptis spp.)
Lobelia    (Lobelia spp.)
Maidenhair Fern    (Adiantum pendatum)
Mayapple    (Podophyllum peltatum)
Oregon Grape    (Mahonia spp.)
Patridge Berry    (Mitchella repens)
Pink Root    (Spigelia marilandica)
Pipsissewa    (Chimaphila umbellata)
Spikenard    (Aralia racemosa, A. californica)
Stone Root    (Collinsonia canadensis)
Stream Orchid    (Epipactis gigantea)
Turkey Corn    (Dicentra canadensis)
White Sage    (Salvia apiana)
Wild Indigo    (Baptisia tinctoria)
Yerba Mansa    (Anemopsis californica)
Yerba Santa    (Eriodictyon californica)

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