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Links — Virginia Organizations

The Virginia Native Plant Society
The Society's programs emphasize public education, protection of endangered species, habitat preservation, and encouragement of appropriate landscape use of native plants. Emphasis is on conservation of wildflowers and wild places.

Meadowview Biological Research Station
An organization dedicated to preserving and restoring rare wetland plants, habitats and associated ecosystems on the coastal plain of Maryland and Virginia. Specializes in preservation of endangered habitats known as pitcher plant bogs or seepage wetlands.

Virginia Natural Heritage Program
The Natural Heritage Program represents a comprehensive effort to inventory and preserve the animal, plant and natural community resources of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Virginia Conservation Network
The Network's membership consists of over 100 member organizations committed to protecting Virginia's natural resources. Focus is largely on legislative and regulatory matters and public policy.

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR)
This state organization helps you find the information and contacts you need to conserve and protect land. The DCR office can also facilitate cooperative ventures, provide technical assistance, and conduct workshops and training events.

The Flora of Virginia Project
The Flora of Virginia Project has been initiated to prepare and publish a comprehensive manual of Virginia's 3700+ native and naturalized plant taxa. Designed as a book with an accompanying web site, this Flora will serve the needs of scientists, students, and citizens interested in plants and their habitats in Virginia.

Saving our Seeds
Though the focus of this site is on genetic preservation of vegetable varieties, you'll find resources and information of interest to herb seed growers, especially with regard to organic seed production and seed saving issues.

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